El Toledo Coffee Tour/ Los Chorros Waterfalls

Take a tour of a local family owned finca at El Toldeo Coffee Farm who has been growing their organic coffee in a biodynamic way for several years. Gabriel, who runs the farm with his father, gives a fascinating tour about coffee farming on a small scale in Costa Rica while regularly questioning how the choices he makes affects the world around him. He’s passionate about keeping his farming practices safe and healthy for their family, neighbors and customers, but he’s constantly evaluating his effectiveness as a farmer in a way that we can all relate to. He will make you consider things from a fresh new perspective. This tour does require reservations which are easy to make and can be done so in the link above.

preparing coffee in the traditional Costa Rican way

After you get your coffee brain turned upside down, head on over to Los Chorros Waterfalls in Grecia. Los Chorros, or “The Jets” in english, are two very large waterfalls separated by a beautiful canyon.  Make sure to trek through the water to visit them both. The hike down and back is a brisk hike through a forest and into the canyon. Bring water shoes, and  bathing suit if you’d like to swim or quick drying clothes you don’t mind getting wet so you can hike into the falls. Also pack sunscreen and a hat for the coffee tour, avoid the traditional flip flips in both spots. Always pack water. There are funky picnic tables at the bottom of the of the hike where you could have a lunch or snack that you bring. This is a secret spot which doesn’t attracts lots of tourists, with great photographic potential. For directions to Los Chorros click here.

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