The Catarata Los Chorros are located just outside the town of Grecia. These directions are fairly direct, but since there are n0 actual street signs to follow, we recorded these directions on a voice memo and tried to detail it as much as possible. Any comments on road changes or missed landmarks would be appreciated to make the journey easier for all.

  1. You will begin the trip heading towards Grecia from the blinking yellow light in town (on highway 3 just up the road from the gas station).
  2. Make a right just before the blinking light following the sign towards Palmares. You will be heading away from the town of Atenas. Stay to the right, going down the hill and over the little bridge, the road will climb back up the hill and there will be a set of bodegas on the left with a turn showing signs for follow sign to Palmares and Santa Aluejela on the right across from the bodegas.
  3. Make the right and go straight ahead towards Palmares over another small bridge go up and down the hill, stop at the bottom of the hill and continue on the road to the right. Cross another bridge, one car at a time please, going up another hill, this one as many in Costa Rica, is a windy road – follow signs to Santa Alejuela and Vista Del Valle. Continue straight – you are now on a high ridge – with views of the valleys to the right, and farms around you.. This road often has great little farm stands to pick up delicious fruit. Be careful of iguanas sun bathing on the road in the dry/hot season. This scenic road will go down hill winding quite a bit, go over another small bridge and river, be sure to yield to on coming traffic, and stay to your right, winding back up the hill. Follow the road,  it will wind to the left and eventually take you beneath the pan american highway that straddles the river you just crossed. Be careful on this road especially during the months of November-February which is sugar cane harvest season and you will likely pass very large tractors and trailers filled to the brim with sugar cane chugging up and down these same narrow winding roads along with you. Follow this road up to the end.
  4. At the stop sign, make a left heading towards Grecia (there is usually a fruit stand on the left). Be careful making the turn- people really speed on this road. Go about 1/2 km
  5. One the left you will see a chain link fence and a company called Panduit of Costa Rica. Take the right directly across from the Panduit. You will see a sign for the Posada Mimosa B&B and Puenta de la Pedra .
  6. Drive straight – you will see sugar cane fields on your left and views of Volcanos.
  7. The road will eventually split – stay to the right and then continue straight – do not go left and up the hill! You will pass Bazar Carmen on the left as well as Rose further up on the left. Eventually you will pass a School or recreational center for Kids with a soccer field on the left. Pass a sign for the hotel and go straight , the road will go down a hill. and pass a sugar can refinery on the right as well as several plantation homes where the workers live.
  8. You will pass a Transplanta Farm and La Vigne on the right. Keep going straight, then following road to the right, passing more plantation homes.
  9. Follow the road to the left going up the hill. You will see a stone wall on the left.
  10. Eventually this road will come up to an intersection in the town of Tacares. (Grecia will be to the left).  Follow signs to Poas straight ahead through the intersection. There is big blue sign – Supermarcado CoopTacares on the left – take that road straight up the hill. you are very close!
  11. You will eventually pass a sign for Rancho Los Chorros on the left and see a Ponderosa sign. There will be coffee plantations on the left . There are two entrances to the Waterfall. The first one on the right where the big gate is. We have never used that entrance  – only the second one further up the hill and on the right  where the  sign is that says Parque Recreativo los Chorros . It is just a dirt road and looks quite non descript exept for the waterfall picture on the sign. Carefully drive down the entrance road and have a great trip! This a park open to the public but on private property, so enjoy and help maintain the beauty!

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  1. Thank you for the perfect directions, we had a wonderful time there

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