So many people ask us a lot of good questions about the house and the town of Atenas, so this page and list of menus is designed to help with clarify some info.

“La Mujer Clima Del La Mundo” – The best Climate in the World !!

This was the pride filled title given to Atenas by National Geographic some years ago. It is truly eternal springtime here. Daytime temps range 70º-89º F (20º-32ºc) daily, with lovely cool nights which don’t require air conditioning. The sun is strong, but the air  lacks the heavy humidity you’ll find at the beaches, and we often have breezes passing across the ridge our home is perched on. Atenas, in the green season, is often spared of the heavier surrounding area rains, just receiving beautiful clouds rolling through the gully below us.

It is not a touristy town and you’ll get the sense of how Costa Ricans or “Ticos” really live. You might also see a lot of expats in the area since it has been listed as a great choice for foreign retirement due to the climate, lifestyle and availability of shopping, services and healthcare.

Leticia, our wonderful property manager, will meet you in town upon your arrival, take you to the house and show you around. The house has sliding doors throughout it, so just be sure to make sure all the doors are locked when you leave and the lights are turned off please!!. Also – if you happen to rent during the green season (our favorite time) and a thunderstorm is coming through, we recommend that you unplug your electronic devices to avoid any issues.

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