About 1 Hour and a half from our home is a wonderful place called Lands In Love. It is a 250 acre resort nestled in a cloud forest on the way to Arenal. The land is beautiful, and the adventures are fabulous. They have ziplines, superman, Canyoning, Horseback riding, Orchid gardens and white water rafting. Call them ahead to make reservations. You can reserve one tour in the morning if you’d like and a second adventure in the afternoon with lunch in their dining room. The food is all vegetarian and it is really delicious. The white water rafting offers two tours : level 1&2 rapids only or levels 3&4 which are really fun! We did a combo tour of canyoning and horseback riding and it was really great. They are major animal lovers there as well so you know their horses are treated well.

To get to Lands In Love from our house, you will need to get back onto highway 1 .

  1. You will begin the trip heading towards Grecia from the blinking yellow light in town (on highway 3 just up the road from the gas station).
  2. Make a right just before the blinking light following the sign towards Palmares. You will be heading away from the town of Atenas. Stay to the right, going down the hill and over the little bridge, the road will climb back up the hill and there will be a set of bodegas on the left with a turn showing signs for follow sign to Palmares and Santa Aluejela on the right across from the bodegas.
  3. Make the right and go straight ahead towards Palmares over another small bridge go up and down the hill, stop at the bottom of the hill and continue on the road to the right. Cross another bridge, one car at a time please, going up another hill, this one as many in Costa Rica, is a windy road – follow signs to Santa Alejuela and Vista Del Valle. Continue straight – you are now on a high ridge – with views of the valleys to the right, and farms around you.. This road often has great little farm stands to pick up delicious fruit. Be careful of iguanas sun bathing on the road in the dry/hot season. This scenic road will go down hill winding quite a bit, go over another small bridge and river, be sure to yield to on coming traffic, and stay to your right, winding back up the hill. Follow the road,  it will wind to the left and eventually take you beneath the pan american highway that straddles the river you just crossed. Be careful on this road especially during the months of November-February which is sugar cane harvest season and you will likely pass very large tractors and trailers filled to the brim with sugar cane chugging up and down these same narrow winding roads along with you. Follow this road up to the end.
  4. At the stop sign, make a right and this will take you to the highway 1 entrance. Take a right heading north.
  5. Take the exit for  San Ramon (which is some time past the Palmares exit).
  6. Follow the road Straight up through San Ramon, following signs for the Volcano. When you come to the Church (I believe the church is peach or salmon colored) and the road splits – follow the road to the left. You will see signs to Villa Blanca Los Angeles. Do not go towards Zarcero.
  7. Continue following signs towards Villa Blanca and even passing Villa Blanca, the road will meander and head up into a cloud forest. As the road come down out of the forest  you will begin to see lots of fun signs about vegetarian food – and you know you are close to Lands In Love. Be careful as you drive over the mountain pass in the cloud forest as the visibility can get sketchy depending on the time of year. The road number you should be on (although there are really not to many signs which will tell you ) is 702.

Call Lands In Love ahead of time for tour reservations.

Reception: (506) 2447-9331
Marketing: (506) 2447-9337
Fax: (506) 2447-9334
International Reservations
International: 408-215-1000
International: 408-212-0995

 PS: The road you will be on that takes you Lands in Love is also just about another hour from Arenal so if you plan to do an overnight in Arenal/La Fortuna – leave the house early and plan to do an adventure at Lands In Love on the way there OR on the way back!!

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