Eat your fruits and veggies!

Every Friday from 6am-2pm there is a wonderful farmer’s market on the left side of Avineda Central towards highway 27 about 1 km past the intersection of Calle 3. It is called Feria del Agricultor de Atenas on Google Maps and it’s perched up on the hill , it’s hard to miss.

There are all sorts of fruit and vegetable vendors with the freshest, sweetest produce, as well as meat/chicken and seafood, even cakes and pastries, cheeses, coffee, honey, sauces, plants  and gifts. There are also a few stands that make breakfast, emapnadas  and coffee so you can sit down and for a bite. It has grow quite a bit over the past 10 years and it’s always fun to see the new vendors that appear.  There are even a couple of expats getting in on it , selling fresh baked items , such as bread, and another gentleman who makes sweet and hot italian sausage, both pork and chicken based.  It is a fun and necessary stop for so many locals to stock up just before the weekend. You can smell the pineapples a block away as the vendors cut off the tops when you buy them (to plant into the ground for a new crop), have a fresh coconut water, grab a quick bite, or pick up some Chicharron for dinner later on.

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