Part of the Pacific Ring Fire Circle, Costa Rica has over 200 identifiable volcanic formations dating back over 65 million years. Today, however, only 100 or so show any signs of volcanic activity, while just five are classified as active volcanoes.


Costa rica has many Volcanos to visit, both active and inactive. Some of those include : Poas, Arenal, Turrialba, Irazu, Barva, Rincon de La Vieja, and Chirripo. The more dormant ones have settlements along the ridges and can be climbed either by foot or car. The heavily active ones can be viewed from a distance and often put on quite a show if the weather is clear.

Why are there often clouds surrounding Volcanos?

Volcanoes are essentially the mountains of Costa Rica. They push passing air upwards where it is colder, colliding with the rock and heat of the volcanos, so to create clouds which eventually fill up and drop the water back down on them and the surrounding areas. As a result surrounding valleys have very lush but often wet climates. Neighboring forests, or cloud forests, form because of the heavy amount of clouds passing through – truly magical. All the rain results in almost steroidal growth of flora and fauna in those areas. 

They cause air to move up (because of all those big rocks being in the way) to where it is colder. Cold air can‘t hold water as good as warm air, so the water particles …
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