Atenas has many options for grocery shopping to cook at home or just chowing down on the go. Below are a several options:


  • The Cooperativa Supermarket (behind the Gas Station in town) This is the largest of all of the suprmarkets in Atenas . It is newly renovated and carries a wide range of Costa Rican  products as well as items that they bring in from the states for the expats that live in the area and submit their requests. Recently they have had some very nice smoke pork chops and a wide variety of sausages made locally. The cooperative now carries a fairly large selection of wine (mostly from South America) as well as beer and liquor for the area. They even carry Monteverde cheese made by the Quakers in  Monteverde Cloud Forest Area. When parking in the large parking lot of the supermarket look over to the beautiful forest where the picnic tables are. There is a troop of howler monkeys that live back there, and if you are lucky,you might see them. If you hear a deep growl coming from the trees,  take a look up – they may be making their way to the stream to get a drink.
  • The Pali and MegaSuper are located right next each across the street from the back of the Bus Station . Coming from our house, it is the last right when heading into town. You will see them both on the right. The two markets are quite similar, and have many staples and often at cheaper prices. A lot of ticos like to shop at these markets.
  • The El Canario Supermercado is located around the corner from the Mega super and Pali and straight across the street from the Tres Hermanas luncheonette. There’s a taxi stand right in front of the supermarket, so if you see a street lined with parked red vehicles, that’s likely the street on which you will find El Canario. They carry a large selection of international staples, and they really pack a lot in there, but their produce is not so great.

Other Markets: 

Friday Farmer’s Market  This is a must stop by into town on a friday – click on the highlighted link for more info.

Atenas Bus Station Market

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