White Water Rafting on the Pacuare River

If you are really looking for a fun adrenaline rush try white water rafting on one of the premier rivers in the world. There are several places to do this in Costa Rica but the Pacuare River is arguably the best. We’ve done it quite a few times and have loved each each time.

Many companies run trips down the river and we have found Rios Tropicales to be very reliable and professional It’s an all day affair and a long day at that. The entrance into the river is on the other side of the spine of mountains that run through Costa Rica so it means an early morning rise and you’d need to meet the guides near the airport where they will pick you up and do the rest of the driving. You could get dropped off there as well at the end of the day. They offer a morning breakfast stop at their grounds on the way to the river and a late lunch after your river trip.

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