Zoo Ave & Botanical Gardens

Are looking for a mellow 1/2 day trip with beautiful gardens and animals?

Zoo Ave is the largest animal rescue and rehab in Central America and a wonderful dense old growth botanical garden in La Garita . Most of the animals who live at Zoo Ave are either in rehab until released or have had to make a permanent home. There is also a sizable breeding program for some birds and mammals who are then released back into the wild. Some of the animals you will see there are species that will unlikely be able to see in the wild while in Costa Rica such as the Ocelot, Margay, and Puma . There is a café, gift shop, and they recently installed a short zipline inside the gardens. You will also come across a few non native species including some free roaming peacocks. Zoo Ave has some of the largest iguanas around hanging out on in the trees

this is an iguana at zoo ave
zoo ave and the botanical gardens

While you’re in La Garita a, stop by the Botanical Orchid Garden  which has many lovely grounds with all kinds of orchids throughout. It also has a cafe and gift shop.

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