Local Atenas Flavor

Atenas is a lovely town hillside agricultural town. There are several grocery stores in town a farmer’s market, lovely local restaurants , and just about any more inconvenience you will need on your vacation. The new highway can bring you to an Automercado, or grocery super store in either Escazu or Jaco both in about 25 minutes if desired.

Here are some places to eat out:

Food: There are several food markets, bakeries and restaurants in Atenas. Further away you can find North American style supermarkets called the AutoMercado (there is one in Santa Ana, and Escazu, as well as one on the way to Jaco Beach), which carry virtually everything you might need, so if you are out on travelling around a bit  and you pass on, you can stop in for something that reminds you of home.

If you wish to eat out some nice restaurants/eateries include:

La Trilla – Local Costa Rica fare, delicious garlic Sea Bass, located just before the Cooperatenas Grocery store and gas station on the right as you approach town.

Alida – Italian and brick oven pizza!! From our house head straight down into town,  Make a left, going about 1km (pass the cemetery on your left) until you reach an intersection. Alida is right across the street.

Cafe Mirador and Mirador del Cafetal: Head up the main road towards Jaco and the beaches. As you reach the top of the hill prior to the road making it’s way down, these two cafes offer tremendous views (of coffee fields, mountains and even the ocean), yummy fare and cafe, as well as a few trinkets Marador del Cafetal.

La Trocha – Great seafood – head out of town making right onto the main road near the gas station (the road you came in on from the airport). Drive about 1/4 mile – mae a right at the coca cola sign (also says La Trocha. The restaurant is at the end of the road.

When you return to town in the early evenings, swing past the central park in front of the church, open the windows and listen to the loud chatter of all the parrots and paratkeets returning to their roosts in the Mango and Palm trees. And don’t forget the farmer’s market on Fridays by the soccer field. Ask Leticia about ordering organic produce in advance!

Have a great trip!!

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