Welcome to our home in the Atenas Costa Rica nestled among rambling coffee plantations, sugar cane fields, and protected forests. Atenas is a lovely little town with all the modern conveniences you might need, but far from touristy development. It is part of the province of Alejuela and is close to so many wonderful sights and amazing adventures. Often times the first question people ask us about our house is “how close is it to the beach?” Costa Rica  is vastly different from vacation spots like Florida or the Caribbean where much the interest runs along the shoreline. Most of the fabulous sights and experiences in Costa Rica lie in the jungles thumping with wildlife, the majestic and intimidating volcanoes, the thunderous waterfalls, the mystical cloud forests ….and of course the gorgeous beaches. Now that the government has finished the new highway a trip to the beach is just over a half hour! This is what people come to Costa Rica to visit – and these sights are within 1-1.5 hours from our luxurious home! So come and join us and see for yourself what everyone is talking about!

Pura Vida

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