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What to bring

Packing Reminders What to pack all depends on how you plan to spend this vacation, but here are some of our recommendations for what to pack Hiking/walking shoes with socks, flips flops, shorts, long pans – especially the ones with zip off legs, swim suits, hat with a brim, SUNSCREEN, binoculars, bug spray (I don’t often need it at the house – but it … Read More What to bring


Spectacular Night Blooming Cactus Flowers

  This year has gifted us a whole new kind of excitement and level of beauty here in Costa Rica! We have watched a cactus grow on our dead tree in the front of the house (which we have turned into a botanical sculpture of sorts) for several years now. These cactus are fairly common in Costa Rica and look like nothing more than … Read More Spectacular Night Blooming Cactus Flowers